June 17, 2009


In our family there have been three births in three months! What a blessing. Each baby is so innocent, pure, delicate and sweet. Each birth for everyone is different. It all depends on our karma. Some babies shoot out of the womb, impatient for life experiences, some have to be pulled out with forceps, not quite ready to release from the safety of the womb. There are so many different ways to be born - as many as all the people who have been born.  Some babies are sleepy for the first month, taking it easy as they adjust to life on planet earth, while some babies are born wide-eyed and alert.

I teach Prenatal Yoga and enjoy seeing the growth of mothers' bellies. Sometimes I wish there was a belly window so we could view all the amazing changes taking place inside. That "preggy glow" is special as the mother literally shines and radiates her brilliance. In Yoga we are taught that we have 72,000 nadis or subtle channels of our energy body. When a mother is pregnant she is glowing with her 72,000 nadis and her baby's 72,000 nadis for a total of 144,000 nadis!

Last year I was asked to be at a birth and was there for quite a few hours, then I had to go teach a yoga class. The baby was born while I was away! This year I was at a water birth, which I had never seen before. The mother so enjoyed sinking into the warm water, relieving the pressure. Baby shot out of her like a cannon! The umbilical cord was about eight inches away from the mom. It looked like a braid. The baby was beyond that, floating under the water! Apparently, if the baby stays under water, while still attached to the cord it is fine (and looks so amazingly surreal). Within moments a nurse pulled baby from the water and voila - a new human being! Birth is a miracle.

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  1. It must have been great and different experience for you. Underwater birth means delivery occurs while the mother is submerged in water. In this method, mother and new born child are benefited. But sometimes child has threat of inhalation also. Good your delivery happened smoothly.


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