July 23, 2009


In April, May and June there were three beautiful new babies born in our family. July 8th there was memorial service for an aunt who had died earlier in the year; July 9th was the 60th wedding anniversary of an aunt and uncle; July 10th was the wedding celebration for a cousin; and July 11th my sister's sister-in-law died; July 14th was my parent's 64th wedding anniversary and July 15th was my Mom's 84th birthday.

Whew! Birth, death, wedding, birthday, anniversary - that just about covers all the important events in life. How do I feel? Grateful. Life is delicate and such an honour to experience. I am so happy that I have yoga and meditation to keep me together during the difficult times. One takes on a more objective and philosophical look at everything happening, so that it does not get too overwhelming.

It is important when a person that you know dies to contact their family. They will appreciate a phone call. It is nice to share a special story and it will make the family feel better. Some people don't make an effort to make contact and miss an opportunity to really help those left behind. All special events need to be acknowledged. It makes people feel special - and they are special!