January 18, 2011

Empty Mind

This morning I awoke with an empty mind. Where did my thoughts go? I don't know. My mind was a blank, and I had no plans, no worries, no questions, no fears - just a very quiet mind.

January 16, 2011

White Snow

White snow, white sky, white skin. This is the situation in Edmonton right now. Even the normally green spruce trees are seriously weighed down with snow on their branches, which look black against the white snow. Across the street is a white large bump that resembles the shape of a car. Maybe the owners are in Mexico. I hope their car doesn't melt in the spring.

The beauty of the snow is in the sparkle of the crystals when the sunlight shines upon it. The sunlight is at the moment hiding behind the greyish white sky, so no sparkle. As I look out my window, the view is black and white. There is an amazing amount of snow and it just keeps falling.

And my skin...white as a geisha girl.