February 19, 2012

Birth and Death

Birth and death are true mysteries. We, mere mortals, never know when the exact time each of these transforming experiences will be - the universe surprises us. November was a sad month for me. November 10th my dear Dad was moved into a long term care facility. He was broken hearted to leave his beloved wife, my Mom, but he needed nursing care that could not be provided at home. Then, a very dear family member, who was only 33 years old passed away from a brain tumour. I had the pleasure of knowing him since he was born. He called me his second Mom. He was always a very sweet child and a wonderful man. Ten days after his death, my daughter gave birth to her second child, bringing joy, and the realization that life and death are a continuous dance.

I was with my Dad when he passed away on January 29th. He was finally free from the physical pain he had endured for almost twelve years. I was filled with relief that he didn't have to suffer anymore and with a deep sadness, as I will miss him. Ten days later my youngest son's wife gave birth to a child, so my Dad's name will live on in his great grandson. The dance goes on.