May 24, 2010

Tea & Scones

I never thought that I would ever get a suntan in England! It has been hot and sunny on the fantastic Isle of Wight and walking along the coastline, watching the sailboats has been so beautiful. This island is magical. It is almost frozen in time. Old thatched roof cottages, English flower gardens with rainbow colours, high old stone walls and buildings dating back to the 11th century entice the eyes and the third eye.

The front seat on the upper deck of a double decker bus is revealing to me what lies behind the high hedges and walls - rolling fields of grain, sheep freshly shorn and bare-naked as well as cows who do not realize that they have arrived in heaven. The architecture is a feast of a variety of brickwork, stonework, and wrought iron that wows me with the intense imagination of history.

Oh, you might ask if I am doing any yoga? No. But this evening I shall be teaching a few ladies on the Isle and I know that I shall be back, hopefully with a pack of Canadians who want to be immersed in Island culture. There are so many things to do: visit Carisbrook Castle with foundations more than 1,000 years old; see how Queen Victoria lived in her Osborne House (house - try elaborate, ostentatious castle - but to be fair, she did have a spinning wheel and played the piano). The walking trails are manageable and enchanting with views of the ocean or winding trails where you can feel the faeries and nature spirits smiling at you. There are paths that wind among ancient beech and oak trees and little quaint shops that hold surprises and smiles.

Yes, I really like it here and shall enjoy doing yoga tonight, as the great food and walking are rounding my belly and shortening my hamstrings.

May 16, 2010

Loving England

The ancient feeling in England is so grounding. The buildings made of brick, the old, beautiful flower gardens and the historic sites make me think that I live in a very babyish country. The landscape is cultured with paths that actually lead somewhere. In the backwoods of Canada a path may lead to the top of a mountain or a gully so that the next step is flying. Actually, both countries are so amazing! More to come....