July 18, 2011

Golden Morning

This morning was a gift from the Gods! A yellow shaft of light came through the curtains and I hurried out of bed to the living room to see the sky. This was a different, cosmic sunrise. The sky was golden and the trees, buildings, roads, cars, grass and flowers all had a golden, shimmering hue. The icing on the cake was a full double rainbow!! So, in my housecoat I sat on the balcony and marvelled at the 5 a.m. sky - one of the most wonderful gifts in the world.

66th Wedding Anniversary

My parents just celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary! Not many couples will experience that, so it is pretty special. My Dad is madly in love with my Mom, and she has always been there for him, to take care of him, to laugh at his jokes and to raise their five children. Yes, she does love him deeply. She just turned a very young 86 years old and is a shining light in our family. Even our friends think that she is magnificent.