September 16, 2009


Okay, so I'm attached. After all these years of doing yoga I still find it difficult to let go of little bits of paper with information on them: like what to do to clean your house with natural products, yoga information or lovely cards from people I love, etc.  So, as I enter a "4" year in Hindu numerology, it is time to clean up and recycle or file. The Hindu calendar year starts in October and goes to the end of September and "4" is about material testing.  How attached am I really?

Many years ago a fire took my home and everything in it. I was left with a little bit of metal from a huge cooking pot that melted into the shape of a heart - no kidding, that's true. All I had was the grungy farm work clothes I was wearing and thankfully my family was okay. There was a feeling of loss and a feeling of freedom at the same time - freedom from possessions. For a while I had no attachment and felt lighter, but the fire happened in February and in Canada we need a lot during the winter. 

The sages say that it is fine to have material possessions, but it is good to develop an attitude of non-attachment or our possessions possess us. It also helps to be organized and know when to let go. My sister says that when she buys a new piece of clothing, she gives something in her closet away. Geez! That is pretty non-attached to clothes. Did I learn from her? No, my closet is packed with clothes I might need later (and never do). Okay, so it is time for me to clean up and and get into the non-attachment mode. Wish me luck!