May 29, 2011


Every morning, before I get out of bed, my fingers are slow dancing - doing Hasta Mudras, hand gestures that balance my body and refresh my mind. Who would have thought that just placing your fingers in a certain way would help your liver, or digestive system? Well, someone did, and he/she knew what was what. Mudras have been practised by many traditions to help tame the monkey mind, but definitely more is happening.

How to tap into this amazing energetic resource that is so simple? Just do it. If we do it, we feel the results; if we only talk about it, we don't get any results.

Take time to relax and gently touch the thumb to each finger for one minute, touching the tip of the thumb to the tip of the finger - four minutes is not too much to ask to get your Self together first thing in the morning. The positive effects are cumulative. If need be, set your alarm five minutes early. Believe me, you won't regret it and will find that you start the day better than before. Enjoy!